'Valemont' To Feature A Different Breed Of Vampire

FROM HOLLYWOOD CRUSH: After six weeks of waiting, the "Valemont" secret is finally out. In the words of Eric (warning: this is a pretty major SPOILER if you haven't been paying attention), "They're vampires, all of them. Vampires." It always seems to be vampires these days. Of course, the vampires at Valemont University "aren't your storybook vampires," star Kristin Hager, who plays Sophie, told Hollywood Crush a couple of weeks ago. "They're sort of like a new breed of vampires."

Just like "Twilight," "True Blood," and "The Vampire Diaries," the "Valemont" vamps have their own mythology, Kristin said. "They can be out in the sun; there's no turning to ash. They don't have to drink human blood. They do have to drink blood, but it doesn't have to be human blood. They don't all have fangs — if you drink human blood, you have fangs, and if you drink animal blood, you don't have fangs."

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