David Goyer Says 'Ghost Rider 2' To Be A Sequel, Not A Reboot

FROM SPLASH PAGE: Not long ago, it was announced that "Batman Begins" and "Super Max" screenwriter David Goyer would be navigating the demonic motorcycle for "Ghost Rider 2," based on a screenplay Goyer wrote several years ago.

Many have wondered whether the screenplay—which is toning down its hard-R nature for a PG-13 rating—would reboot the "Ghost Rider" franchise. MTV News put that very question to Goyer, who said that while the continuity won't necessarily get an overhaul, the tone is certainly shifting.

"It's not exactly a reboot," said Goyer, who's currently hard at work on his "FlashForward" television series. "I hate to say it's more realistic, because he's got a flaming skull for a head, but it's a bit more stripped down and darker. It's definitely changing tone. What 'Casino Royale' was to the Bond movies, hopefully this will be to 'Ghost Rider.'"