'Say Anything...' Anniversary Brings Lloyd Dobler To New York City's Time Square

by Holly Lunn

It was a bit chilly in New York City yesterday, but that didn’t stop a legion of Lloyd Dobler look-a-likes wearing trench coats and holding boomboxes in the air from running around Times Square. The occasion: the Cameron Crowe-directed, John Cusack-starring '80s classic "Say Anything…" is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a new Blu-ray and DVD release this week.

For those of you who are too young to know, "Say Anything..." is a movie about two kids who fall in love unexpectedly after their high school graduation. Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack) is an average boy who really doesn’t really have strong ambitions. He asks the valedictorian Diane Court (Ione Skye), one of those sheltered smart girls, out on a date.

Over the course of their summer together, he falls in love with Diane. But with Diane heading off to Europe, Lloyd is left with a choice: does he move on with his life (and a potential kickboxing career) or follow his dream girl across the sea. It’s basically a "Romeo & Juliet" sort of star-crossed lovers story, only no one dies, there's a happy ending and it's set in the 80’s. So basically: it's amazing.

The dressed-up Doblers running through Times Square put away their radio long enough to hand out fake radios and real DVDs, allowing bystanders to join in on the celebration. At first, they were all standing on the staircase in Times Square, hanging out with their boomboxes. For legal reasons, they had to move to another part so that the band, Lloyd Dobler Effect, could play in the street.

The band started off with "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel, with all of the people in attendance holding up their radios, real or fake, just like that iconic scene in which Lloyd Dobler holds up his radio playing that song for his lady love. The band then played the single off their new album, which will be out early next year.

This movie is a must have in your collections of classics. So go and put on your trench coat and celebrate with your radio blasting as loud as can be.