Steve Martin And Alec Baldwin Are Hosting The Oscars — Here's What We Will And Won't See

So much for my hopes of seeing Larry David's signature stare-down against the masses of Hollywood at the upcoming Academy Awards. As it turns out, the Oscars have selected a host — or hosts, I should say.

The comedic duo of Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin have agreed to host the 82nd annual Academy Awards, an announcement that comes hot off the heels of denials from Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey Jr. and Ben Stiller. Martin, of course, hosted the show twice before, but this will be Baldwin's first time as the show's master of ceremonies.

"The two of them have a fantastic, ongoing comic relationship," said Oscar co-producer Adam Shankman in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "And I know that they really adore and respect each other. Plus, I know that they’ll be hilarious."

If you're curious about how Baldwin and Martin will play off of one another in the upcoming award ceremony, look no further than "It's Complicated," a new movie starring both Oscar co-hosts which hits theaters in December.

Beyond that glimpse, the pair's routine is under wraps for now, mainly because they were hired so recently. Baldwin has already mocked Martin for his banjo-playing skills, while Martin has described Baldwin as his "enemy" — clearly, there's going to be a lot of faux animosity when these two grace the stage next year.

Additionally, I'd bet a pretty penny on Baldwin and Martin assuming their "30 Rock" personas in some way or another. The two played colleagues and friends Jack Donaghy and Gavin Volure, respectively, with Gavin being a little less than honest about his own achievements. Some sort of reprisal of those roles is a likely bet come showtime.

One thing we may or may not see, according to Shankman, is a musical number. Despite his musical experience as the director of "Hairspray" and as a choreographer, Shankman told Entertainment Weekly that he "[doesn't] want musical numbers unless there's an organic fit into the show." Maybe the musical component won't be as massive as Hugh Jackman's work last year, but I would be floored if Martin's banjo doesn't make some sort of appearance.

And here's one thing I really hope we don't see — further hosting drama. Honestly, I don't think I could withstand another round of hosting rumors along the lines of Neil Patrick Harris. At the end of it all, I'm just looking forward to Martin publicly assaulting Baldwin with a banjo. The Oscars should be good times this year.

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