David Goyer Thinks This Week's 'FlashForward' Is 'The Best Episode So Far'

DESCA massive 12.4 million viewers tuned into "FlashForward" for the series premiere in September, with that number slowly petering off as the weeks have worn on.

But those original viewers might want to cancel their Thursday night plans and check out what "FlashForward" has in store this week, as showrunner David Goyer described the upcoming installment as "the best episode so far."

"I honestly think it's maybe the best thing that I've been involved in, absent or including 'Batman Begins' and 'The Dark Knight,'" Goyer told MTV News in an exclusive interview. "I'm that proud of it."

Titled "The Gift," this week's episode focuses on Agents Al Gough (Lee Thompson Young) and Demetri Noh's (John Cho) continued investigation into the mysterious Blue Hand, which Goyer described as an organization "with a very specific purpose in mind." Over the course of their investigation, a shadowy figure by the name of Jeff Slingerland (Callum Keith Rennie of "Battlestar Galactica") is revealed as a new nemesis with connections to the Blue Hand.

"[The Blue Hand] is very creepy and cool," said the "FlashForward" showrunner. "We'll be coming back to that again in later episodes. It injects a different element of danger into the show."

In addition to the Blue Hand, the episode deals with Demetri's lack of a flashforward and his subsequently tenuous relationship with fiance Zoey (Gabrielle Union).

"It's a game-changer episode, meaning that we definitely answer some of the questions about whether you can change your fate or can you not change your fate," said Goyer. "I think it's the best example in the show so far where we've taken our themes of fate, free will and destiny, and successfully woven them into a character drama. I think it's a moving episode."

As for why the episode is titled "The Gift," Goyer couldn't explain the significance without ruining the episode's ending, though he did confirm that the titular "gift" would tie into Agent Gough and the continued Mosaic investigation.

"It's our darkest and also our most hopeful [episode]," said Goyer. "I think this is the best example of how plot, philosophy and character can all intermix."

But viewers should keep that "darkest" aspect in mind — according to Goyer, the episode could claim the lives of certain characters.

"That could be possible," he teased. "There could be more than one death."

Have you been keeping up with "FlashForward"? What do you make of Goyer's thoughts on the upcoming seventh episode? Let us know your predictions for this week's installment in the comments or on Twitter, and be sure to check in Thursday night for our weekly recap of the show!