Today Is Your Last Chance To Send In 'New Moon' Cast Questions!

As I told you all earlier this week, MTV ace reporter and Twilighter-in-residence Larry Carroll will be speaking with the cast of "New Moon" (in theaters November 20) very, very soon. And while he has plenty of questions prepped and ready -- heck, there have been strategy meetings to that effect -- he also wants to give you fans a shot at having your own queries heard.

So... here's how it's going to roll. The interviews will consist of four solo sessions, with director Chris Weitz and stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. There will also be three group interviews, with the members of the Cullen family, the Wolf Pack and the Volturi, respectively. That's seven interviews, four solo and three group. In the interests of keeping things fair (and manageable) please send along no more than one question per interview. We'll pare the list down (there's bound to be some overlap) and do our best to make your voices heard. To submit your questions, just e-mail us at before the end of the day today.

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