Robert Downey Jr. And Ben Stiller Turn Down Oscars Hosting Gig, So Who's The Right Fit For The Job?

While Ricky Gervais is busy working on his routine for hosting the Golden Globes, the folks orchestrating the Academy Awards are feverishly hunting for a host of their own.

Hugh Jackman, last year's master of ceremonies, has already turned down the gig, and now it appears that the dynamic duo of Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. have declined the opportunity to host in tandem as well. The obvious questions is, what is it about the Academy Awards that's putting these prospective hosts off? Does Oscar have something in his teeth?

Maybe it's a simple matter of not asking the right people, since Hollywood has no shortage of talented professionals that could do the award ceremony justice. If I were in charge of selecting a host, here are some of the folks that I'd consider.

Billy Crystal:

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Billy Crystal is widely considered one of the greatest Oscar hosts of them all with an optimal balance of witty banter and gut-busting musical numbers. Sure, Crystal isn't as hot now as he was back when he was a regular host, but maybe it's the slightly forgotten voice that's most effective in putting the denizens of Hollywood into fits of laughter.

Larry David:

Like Crystal, Larry David isn't exactly the most prominent fixture in Hollywood, but he's got enough street cred in one episode of "Seinfeld" than most people in Tinsel Town have in their entire careers. David would do a bang-up job sizing up and sizing down the many nominees of the evening, even if he's bound to say something wildly inappropriate — which, in my estimation, would be pretty good. Pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Stephen Colbert:

I think that Colbert would absolutely accept the Oscars hosting job, if for no other reason than to get on even keel with Stewart. If he wants to one-up his Comedy Central frienemy, Colbert would commit to hosting the show every year for the rest of his life. I'm not sure how well he'd be able to share the spotlight with the various winners throughout the evening — but I'd rather watch Colbert yack it up than soak in some sappy speeches, anyway.

Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson:

If the Oscars are still interested in a dynamic duo like Stiller and RDJ, why not go for the "Wedding Crashers" gang? Vaughn and Wilson have proven their comedic chemistry already, so you know what you're going to get — plenty of insults, a load of sarcasm and lots of laughs.

Robert Pattinson:

He'll attract a younger audience, he's got golden eyes and his flesh sparkles in the sunlight. What more could you ask for? (Whaddya want? We are MTV!)

Who do you think should host the Oscars? Let us know your picks in the comments section or on Twitter!

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