George Clooney And Alexander Payne Team Up For 'The Descendants'

George ClooneyGeorge Clooney is about to go from staring at goats to looking up his relatives in "The Descendants," a new family dramedy from Fox Searchlight.

Variety reports that Clooney is in talks to headline "The Descendants" for director Alexander Payne, the filmmaker behind the critically acclaimed "Sideways" and "Election." The screenplay, penned by Nat Faxon and Jim Rash, is based on a novel of the same name written by Kaui Hart Hemmings. The movie will start shooting in Hawaii this February.

According to Hemmings' website, "The Descendants" focuses on Matthew King, a wealthy landowner with Hawaiian royalty in his blood. Life is far from perfect for Matthew — he has two irascible daughters in the form of ten-year-old Scottie and seventeen-year-old Alex, not to mention the fact that his high maintenance wife has slipped into an irreversible coma.

Making the impending death of Matthew's wife even worse is the fact that her secret lover hasn't been informed of the situation. Acting upon a sense of obligation, Matthew and his two daughters hit the road in search of the mystery man, perhaps the only man Matthew's wife ever truly loved.

I haven't read the book, but the plot certainly sounds captivating enough and I'm excited to see what Clooney and Payne make of the material. Moreover, I'm very interested to see Payne's take on Hawaii. The director did an excellent job bringing Napa Valley to life in "Sideways," and I'm looking forward to seeing him do the same for the Aloha State.

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