Reese Witherspoon Sheds Some Light On Her Untitled Project With James L. Brooks

Reese Witherspoon picked up an Oscar in 2005 for her performance as June Carter in the Johnny Cash biopic "Walk the Line," but she's been fairly quiet since then. Working of course, but there's one listing on IMDB for her that's had me curious for ages. After all, it's not every day that you pair a performer of her caliber with James L. Brooks, executive producer of "The Simpsons," for an as-yet-untitled comedy also starring Jack Nicholson, Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson. So when MTV reporter Akshay Bhansali ran into Witherspoon last week at the Avon Foundation for Women Awards Gala red carpet, he just had to ask her for an update, perhaps even a title, on the mysterious project.

"We don't have a title, we just wrapped on Saturday," Witherspoon said. "We've been shooting it for the past six months." And what exactly is "it"? Previous reports indicated that the actress would sit at the apex of a love triangle, with Rudd's white collar executive and Wilson's professional baseball pitcher.

Witherspoon had a bit more to say, though don't expect any major spoilage. "It's sort of a lot about professional athletes and their love life." Perhaps Wilson is the "bad guy" in this triangle?

"Owen Wilson and Paul Rudd are both my love interests and I'm a professional softball player," she revealed. "And two-time Olympian, so I've been working out a lot," she added with a laugh.

That's about the sum of what Witherspoon had to say. Her words leave room for plenty of speculation, but one thing is absolutely clear: James L. Brooks + that cast = comedy gold. Count on it. Now we just need a title to pin on it.

Had you heard about this untitled James L. Brooks project before today? Were you interested before/are you interested now? Share your title suggestions with us in the comments below or @MTVMoviesBlog on Twitter!