Yup. You read that right. This week, MTV ace reporter and Twilighter-in-residence Larry Carroll will be speaking with the collected cast members of "New Moon." The interview structure is a bit confusing if you're not a fan, but these groupings should make perfect sense to most of you readers.

For starters, Larry will be speaking to stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner individually, as well as director Chris Weitz. He'll also be doing a series of group interviews, which you can probably guess at the breakdown of: the Cullens, the Wolf Pack and the Volturi. So that's seven interviews in total: the four individuals plus the three groups. Our time is limited, so please keep your submissions to one question apiece per interview. Just send them over to by Wednesday night. And get psyched from the November 20 release of "New Moon"!