'Twilight' Pumpkin Carving Contest Winner Selected On Hollywood Crush!

FROM HOLLYWOOD CRUSH: EDITORS NOTE: Halloween has come and gone, but we wanted to wish a big CONGRATULATIONS to the winner of our Rob O'Lantern Pumpkin Carving Contest, Christie (a.k.a. finalist #1). As we promised, the winner would get the chance to write a blog about their love of Rob. Below, read on to find out just what kind of fan Christie — who noted that her carving comes with the tagline,"'New Moon': When forever is no longer an option, how do you survive?" — is of the heartthrob and the franchise that made him a star.

My name is Christie, I'm from Maryland, and I have an addiction. It started out small and harmless, as addictions often do, but it grew and grew and grew. First it was just some books I read. Then it was a movie I watched ... several times. Then it was the scrapbook I created. Next, a birthday cake. Then I joined the staff of Novel Novice Twilight, reporting news and writing up special features about the "Twilight" universe and fandom. Now, it's pumpkin carvings.

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