Robert Pattinson Lands In Japan, Taylor Lauter And Kristen Stewart Jet to Brazil

If I'm Robert Pattinson, right now I'm thinking I need a nap. "New Moon" wrapped in May, followed quickly by the start of production on romantic drama "Remember Me," which finished up shortly before "Eclipse" began filming in August, eventually wrapping late last month. But there is no rest for the world's most popular vampire. The globe-crossing promotional effort for "New Moon" has only just begun.

That's why RPattz and director Chris Weitz touched down in Tokyo over the weekend, and fans lined up at the airport to get autographs, snap photos and, by the looks of paparazzi pics, make Pattinson smile. On a sports-related aside, note that Pattinson rocked a New York Yankees hat when he arrived in Japan. Endorsement of the team that now holds a commanding 3-1 lead in the World Series? Did the Brit actor become a convert to the Yanks while in the city this summer shooting "Remember Me"?

Meanwhile, fellow super busy "New Moon" stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner arrived in Brazil for a São Paulo press day. From there the duo is expected to head up to Mexico City. Fingers crossed, all of them will have a chance to catch some ZZZs before glamming up for the "New Moon" red carpet premiere in Los Angeles in exactly two weeks.