EXCLUSIVE: 'Lobo: Highway To Hell' Miniseries Joins Anthrax And Comic Books

FROM MTV.COM: In the Anthrax song "King Size," which also happens to mention the Hulk, the Devil lives in California. In November's "Lobo: Highway to Hell" miniseries, however, Anthrax lead guitarist Scott Ian has written a new version of Satan just outside of the DC Universe. For his cosmic horror/action tale, Ian wanted a villain as big and evil as he could make him—and that required building Satan from scratch.

"Totally new," Ian told MTV News when asked which version of the Devil he'll put DC's moviebound bounty hunter up against when the first issue hits shelves November 4. "[The story] has nothing to do with anything really from the DC Universe."

DC's Lucifer has long been established as the ruler of Hell for the DCU, but taking the story outside of continuity allowed Ian to develop a less dainty interpretation of the Prince of Darkness.

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