'Paranormal Activity' Director Oren Peli Answers Questions From His Fans

Last week, I asked you "Paranormal Activity" fans to send in some questions that I could put to director Oren Peli during our interview. You obliged, I asked him the questions and I've got the answers now. First, some statistics.

"Paranormal Activity" has performed staggeringly well as its opened wider and wider. With more than $65 million now in the bank on a movie that cost less than $15,000 to make, it is officially the most profitable movie of all time. That's a 434,000 percent return on Peli's initial investment, a number that will likely grow exponentially as we enter the Halloween weekend. You can read more about this record-breaking performance in Eric Ditzian's report on MTV.com. For now though, hit the jump and see your questions answered!

Jared Watkins asked if both endings be on the DVD?

Oren: "I hope so, but we haven't gotten that far in talking about the DVD. We still have enough to do with the theatrical version."

Daniel Barajas, an aspiring filmmaker, wanted to know what advice Peli might have for new filmmakers?

Oren: "Nothing really specific. Basically everything, as much as you can read as much as you can study, the better. More than that, I would say just get a video camera if you can and start shooting and the best way to learn is by experimenting and by getting experience. So just get your hands dirty and start shooting."

Brian C. wanted to know if the demon was in love with or obsessed with Katie?

Oren: "I don't know, you'll have to ask the demon. [laughs] From my research, they are not necessarily in love with people considering that they cause a lot of damage to them when they possess them. I think the traditional explanation is that demons just find someone, they pick on them and try to break down their spirit so they can... take control of their bodies. Why exactly? I don't know. But in my mind, I don't think it was in love with Katie, it just found her to be a good victim."

Finally, Henry from Crooked Lake Productions had a trio of technical questions:

What kind of camera did you shoot on?

Oren: "Sony FX1 high definition prosumer camera."

Was Micah primarily the camera operator?

Oren: "Yes. In 99% of the cases it's either Katie or Micah operating the camera. Mostly Micah."

Who was responsible for the sound design of the film?

Oren: "The original version was me, but then once Paramount got involved we went through another round of sound cleanup and sweetening. But I knew i wanted to make it sound as authentic as possible so that you can believe that everything basically came from the camera microphone, so nothing sounds manufactured. So that's why we have no soundtrack or anything else that's been added later on by the mixer."