'Avatar' Trailer Coming On November 1, Will Be Seen By MANY People

Oh "Avatar." Finally, you look awesome. Those who weren't so impressed by the last trailer should avoid writing the movie off just yet. The teaser clip below delivers a taste of what's to come when the three and a half minute trailer makes its television premiere on November 1. Check it out.

The full trailer is actually already online at Yahoo!. The November 1 premiere is notable because it's being billed as "the largest live motion picture trailer viewing in history." Apparently because it's going to screen shortly before kickoff at the Cowboys-Seahawks game, where the world's largest video display can be found. If you can't make the game, don't worry. You'll also be able to catch the trailer during the pre-game airing of Fox NFL Sunday.

Ah hell... you want to see the FULL trailer? All three minutes and thirty seconds of it? I'll be you do. Hit the jump. It's right there.