'New Moon' Director Chris Weitz: Is Michael Sheen Team Vampire Or Team Werewolf?

FROM HOLLYWOOD CRUSH: We were all stunned when we got a chance to see Michael Sheen (finally!) in character as Aro. The new "New Moon" TV spot featuring the Volturi gave us a chance to see the bad vamps in action.

But Michael is one of the few actors around (the only one I can think of offhand) who has had the opportunity to play both a vampire and a werewolf. Anyone looking to see a darker modern take on vampire mythology should check out the "Underworld" series, in which Michael plays the werewolf, Lucian.

When we got a chance to talk with "New Moon" director Chris Weitz, we asked him what side Michael would fall on in the battle between the supernatural creatures: vampire or werewolf?

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