Michael Jackson And Tyrese Gibson Meet In Today's Daily TwitPic

Yesterday, concert documentary (sort of) "Michal Jackson's This Is It" opened wide in theaters. The pop legend passed away suddenly in June in the midst of his preparations for a 50-show residency at London's O2 Arena. The doc collects snippets of his rehearsal footage for those performances, presenting viewers with a unique glimpse of Michael Jackson's final days. You regular readers should know this well alredy, as we've been covering the crap out of it.

In honor of this week's Jackson fanfare, today's Daily TwitPic is a very special one for Tyrese Gibson. Said his tweet yesterday: "Here's a pic of the very MOMENT I met Michael Jackson.. (RIH) Rest In Heaven.." It's not the best shot you'll ever see, captured from a high angle and with neither man fully facing the camera. But it's a meaningful one, freezing what must be a very memorable moment for Gibson in time. And hey... isn't that Yoko Ono off to the left?