EXCLUSIVE: Guest Editor Richard Kelly Needs Your Help With His Halloween Costume

Richard Kelly is the man. Not just because he'll be here all this week, posting as a guest editor for MTV Movies Blog. It helps, sure, but we're talking about the guy who made "Donnie Darko" here. And "Southland Tales." Isn't that enough? Not for Kelly it isn't. His latest brain-twisting tale, "The Box," hits theaters on November 6. And he has a dynamite week of content planned for y'all, so sit back and enjoy!

October 27, 2009


With all of the hectic press and preparation for "The Box" (opening November 6!) – I have completely neglected the most important decision of the year.

What the hell am I going to wear for Halloween?

Last year, I had a great inspiration: none other than Sarah Palin. I can do white trash better than just about anyone, so it was an easy transformation for me to become JOE SIX PACK – the quintessential Sarah Palin voter.

Custom fit mullet wig? Done. Beer can belt apparatus? Check. Custom designed airbrush portrait of Ms. Palin on a sleeveless tee? Commissioned and paid for. Pitbull tattoo on the left shoulder . . . list of all five Palin children (in birth order) on the right shoulder? Done and done.

Joe Six Pack – en route to Drew Barrymore’s Halloween bash of 2008. Most guests were horrified – then amused.

The costume was a trash-tastic success, and now this year I’m screwed. I can’t think of anything to wear. Nada. Nothing.

My instinct is to go trash-tastic again – luckily for me one of my good friends has discovered a rare hidden treasure, some might say an actual work of art.

You see -- my friend (who shall remain nameless for her own protection) worked as a production assistant for Rosie O’Donnell’s talk show back in the 1990s. And she happens to possess one of the Rosie crew jackets, still preserved in mint condition actually.

Acid-wash denim is due for a comeback – right?

As anyone who knows me well can attest, I am a big Rosie O’Donnell fan. I think she’s awesome. Brave and misunderstood. Does a helluva lot for charity.

So I’m trying to figure out a way to turn this jacket into Halloween magic, I just don’t know if I can make it work.

I’m at a loss here . . . I welcome suggestions, thoughts?