Michael Jackson Memorabilia In A VERY Pricey eBay Prop-Watch

Disclaimer: There's no way of telling if this item is real or not. The seller admits up front that he doesn't have a certificate of authenticity. He does say that one will presumably soon be incoming. He also expresses his willingness to hand-deliver the item anywhere in the world and his wish that it ends up in a museum. I somehow doubt that any of you readers will be ponying up to buy this item, but all of this should be mentioned nonetheless.

SO! "Michael Jackson's This Is It" is out this week. The premiere is tonight and the wide release hits tomorrow. Suffice to say, the world of pop culture has Michael Jackson on the mind right now. So it's only fitting then that eBay Prop-Watch puts the focus on him as well. If it's legit, today's pick is a very valuable piece of memorabilia. No need to keep wondering; hit the jump to see for yourself.

The sweater you see here is presumably the exact one that Jackson wore in the 1983 music video for "Say, Say, Say," which featured Paul McCartney. The seller received it as a present 25 years ago from a friend who was working with Jackson at the time. The Buy It Now cost? $1,000,000. Any takers?