EXCLUSIVE: Richard Kelly's Guest Blog Continues... At 20,000 Feet

Richard Kelly is the man. Not just because he'll be here all this week, posting as a guest editor for MTV Movies Blog. It helps, sure, but we're talking about the guy who made "Donnie Darko" here. And "Southland Tales." Isn't that enough? Not for Kelly it isn't. His latest brain-twisting tale, "The Box," hits theaters on November 6. And he has a dynamite week of content planned for y'all, so sit back and enjoy!

October 27, 2009


ZEN AT 20,000 FEET. The view from seat 10A on my flight to Paris on October 10th. I kept looking for a gremlin crawling across that wing – but it never appeared

I have a philosophy that I’d like to share with you all . . . It is a relatively simple piece of advice that was passed on by a friend’s mother.

It comes down to three simple words.

Enjoy the ride.

I’ve been in the business for a decade now, and have the good fortune of having written and directed three feature films – "Donnie Darko," "Southland Tales" and "The Box" (which did I mention Warner Brothers will release nationwide on Friday, November 6!).

It has been a wild decade – I am told that historians will refer to it as the AUGHTS (catchy – right? This is the period from 2000-2009, to be precise).

There have been many moments during the Aughts where I thought I might not survive this business – where my career might be over before it had really even begun.

I have been invited into competition at such prestigious festivals as Sundance and Cannes – and there has been quite a bit of anxiety and emotion on these journeys. You can never predict what will happen – you just do your best, learn from your mistakes, stick to your best instincts, and trust the people who care about you the most.

But now having completed my third film, I like to think this is the conclusion to ACT ONE of my career.

I’d like to think that ACT TWO will last twenty years. Who knows how many films I will get to make during that period. There’s still the possibility of that apocalypse thing rearing its ugly head – and God knows I’ve had quite a bit to say on that subject.

And I haven’t always been able to enjoy the ride until just now . . . more on that to follow.