A 'Little Fockers' Set Pic Featuring The Big Focker And His Focker-In-Law

I know the headline doesn't make a ton of sense, but gimme a break. It's punny. Like the Focker family name. Mission accomplished.

We've served up quite a bit of "Little Fockers" coverage so far. All the way back to the earliest rumblings that "The State" veteran David Wain might direct. Those plans ended up changing, with Paul Weitz (brother of "New Moon" director Chris Weitz) now at the helm. Laura Dern and Jessica Alba have also both since joined the cast.

"Little Fockers" is happening though, and the shoot is underway now. Not only does this mean that the movie is on track for its previously announced June 30, 2010 release date, it also means we can look forward to many more set pics. You'll find the first of them below the jump, in which stars Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro laugh at whatever shenanigans are unfolding in the scene being shot. Check it out after the jump.