George Miller Describes The Stunt-Heavy 'Mad Max' Sequel's Many Vehicles

George MillerThe "Mad Max" rumor mill evolved into a flat-out fact-churning factory over the weekend thanks to words from director George Miller, who spoke with news outlets about progress on the fourth installment in the franchise.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Miller, who said that "Fury Road" — the upcoming "Mad Max" sequel's title — would make New South Wales in Australia a very desirable filming location for big blockbusters, likely due to its reported $100 million budget.

The article also notes that "Fury Road" could start shooting as soon as next year, though Miller himself might have a bone to pick with that reported time frame — in a separate interview with Australia's ABC News, Miller said that the film's many vehicles are so intricate that it could take a year to build them all.

Despite the potential production delay due to the film's vehicle construction, fans should take heart in Miller's emphasis on authenticity. While the vehicles featured in "Fury Road" will be "over the top," according to the filmmaker, they'll also need to be safe and functional — which indicates that Miller plans to rely heavily on actual stunts as opposed to computer-enhanced effects.

"It's obviously over-the-top," he said. "But they'll have to be very high performance because the film is shot in speed, and they'll have to be very, very safe. The reason this movie is so big is that there's just a huge number of stunts. We're trying to do stuff that I believe people haven't done before."

Additionally, Miller wouldn't harp too heavily on the film's cast, saying that he's "still in the middle of casting" the movie — which means those rumors about Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy might not be authenticated or shot down anytime soon.

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