Mitch Hurwitz Confirms Director Role On 'Arrested Development,' Reveals Jail-Heavy Plot

You can't go a month in the movie industry without hearing scuttlebutt of the legendary "Arrested Development" movie — an oft-discussed project, yes, but elusive and viewed with some skepticism all the same.

But recent word from cast members and even a quasi-official announcement have offered a glimmer of hope towards the film's big screen prospects, and this weekend brought further fuel for that small-but-growing flame in the form of comments from series creator Mitch Hurwitz himself.

Austin Movie Blog reports that "Arrested Development" masterminds Hurwitz and Ron Howard hosted a panel discussion in Texas this weekend, during which Hurwitz confirmed that he'd not only write the screenplay but also direct the film.

Additionally, Hurwitz revealed "Arrested Development" will boast "a heavy jail presence," which would make sense given that the series finale simultaneously brought the entire show full circle while spinning the premise on its head. Looks like we'll be seeing a "loose seal" in the big house when and if this movie hits theaters.

Beyond his directorial announcement and shedding some light on the film's plot, Hurwitz also spoke about the differences between writing "Arrested Development" for television and for film. One key distinction is the TV show's ability to be reflective of current events, while a film's lag time prevents a truly timely story from being told.

Despite this, Hurwitz described the film's screenwriting process as exciting, since the shortened television scripts restrict his ability to delve into greater detail on the Bluth family and their many ridiculous adventures. Presumably, the "Arrested Development" screenplay will solve that creative problem.

Does it comfort you to hear Hurwitz talking about the "Arrested Development" movie, or are you still skeptical about the film's chances of getting made? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section or on Twitter!