J.J. Abrams Has 'Some Very Broad Stroke Ideas' For The 'Star Trek' Sequel, Only On MTV

FROM MTV.COM: What's the bigger challenge: rebooting an iconic sci-fi franchise that had lapsed into disrepair, like an interstellar spacecraft whose warp drive missed a couple of tune-ups and could no longer handle faster-than-light-speed travel? Or following up that triumphant reboot with a flick that not only proves to be a worthy successor, but which sets fanboys' geek phasers on "Oh, hell yeah!"?

Such is the conundrum facing "Star Trek" director J.J. Abrams and his creative team as they begin to brainstorm ideas for a sequel to May's $258 million-grossing hit. "The first one did what it was required to do, which was bring the family together and reset," Abrams explained in an interview with MTV News. "It was a bridge, no pun intended, between what came before, what the 'Star Trek' people knew and the 'Star Trek' of now. And that was the heavy lifting of the first film."

J.J. Abrams Sheds Light On Plan For 'Star Trek' Sequel