'Season Of The Witch' Stars Nicolas Cage And Looks Amazing

Want to see crazy Nic Cage being crazy? I love this guy. He makes the strangest choices with his career, and I mean that in an awesome way. From "Leaving Las Vegas" to "Face/Off"?! "Con Air"? "The Wicker Man"? Freakin' "G-Force"? Cage is the best. I don't even want to know what this "Season of the Witch" wackiness is all about; I just want to go in cold and behold the actor in all of his deranged fury.

So "Witch" sounds like a medieval-era, swords & sorcery road movie. Knights bring a suspected witch to a monastery, only to learn that she might be behind the Black Plague. The trailer carries the strong scent of Sam Raimi. In short, I dig. You will too.