Arnold Schwarzenegger Honors Boy Scouts In Today's Daily TwitPic

For Friday's Daily TwitPic, I'm sending you readers off into your weekend with a heartwarming scene. California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (aka The Gubernator!!) met with a group of kids to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America. If Schwarzenegger's accompanying tweet is to be believed, the organization put in 35 million hours of service in the past year.

The centennial anniversary for the Boy Scouts of America is technically not until February. The photo op you'll find after the jump really came about to honor the Senate-approved creation of "Boy Scouts of America Day," the first of which will be on February 8, 2010. While it's great that Schwarzenegger takes the time to honor momentous occasions such as this, I'll be happier when the big lug finishes his term and gets back to what really matters: kicking ass and blowing up robots. Who's with me?

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