'FlashForward' Episode 1.05: 'Gimme Some Truth'

FlashForward Episode Title: "Gimme Some Truth"

Written by: Dawn Prestwich and Nicole Yorkin

The Story: The Mosaic Team — including Agents Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes), Demetri Noh (John Cho) and Stanford Wedeck (Courtney B. Vance) — heads to Washington, D.C. to speak before Congress about their investigation into the blackouts and resulting flash-forwards, culminating in difficult choices for Wedeck, hard realizations for Benford and plenty of gunfire. Meanwhile, Agent Janis Hawk (Christine Woods) explores a new relationship.

Back On The Beltway: Plot development was front-and-center in tonight's episode of "FlashForward," but characterization was right behind in full-force. Not only did we get some interesting insight into how the world is reacting to the blackouts — specifically, the U.S. government headed by President David Segovia (the always excellent Peter Coyote) — but we got a nice look into Agent Stanford Wedeck, the typically sharp-as-nails director of the Mosaic Team who apparently has more of an edge than I would have predicted. Take note, viewers: blackmailing authority figures always works. How do you think I got this job at MTV?

A Me-You Thing: Although her story was the least action-packed of the episode — up until the end, at least — Janis Hawk proved the most interesting character of the evening, thanks to her captivating romance with Maya (Navi Rawat). I have to admit that I'm typically not a fan of Rawat's work, but I thought the dynamic between her character and Janis was fantastically written and performed. I just hope that their little tiff towards the episode's end isn't the last we see of this relationship.

How Does It Feel: While the episode focused mainly on emotional and political strife, the final moments were packed to the gills with balls-to-the-walls action, and it was glorious. Benford unloading his service weapon into a car-full of assassins, Hawk managing to tag a bad guy even with a slug in her gut, all to the tune of some Bob Dylan music? Heck yeah! It was an awesome sequence that truly felt earned by the character-to-character tension throughout the episode.

A Friendly Reminder: Tonight's episode gave me some truth, alright — it convinced me that "FlashForward" isn't just a redecorated version of "Lost," but an entirely separate beast that has potential to flourish even further. The news that co-showrunner Marc Guggenheim has left the series didn't worry me earlier today, and I'm even less worried now — unless Guggenheim was solely responsible for tonight's awesomeness, that is — because as far as I'm concerned, "FlashForward" has gotten better and better since the cookie-cutter pilot. Mr. Goyer, I think you're going to be just fine on your own.

Best Quote: "This is Congress masturbating to the sound of its own voice." — President Segovia (Peter Coyote)

Second Best Quote: "I hate karaoke." — Agent Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes)

Verdict: Excellent characterization. New characters. Romantic tension. Senate hearings. Exploding cars. Shoot-outs set to a cover of "How Does It Feel." Frankly, if you didn't think this was a great episode of "FlashForward," then maybe this isn't the show for you.

The Future: Dominic Monaghan returns as Simon, and he knows what caused the flash-forward. Olivia Benford (Sonya Walger) gets further disturbing evidence that her eventual affair with Lloyd Simcoe (Jack Davenport) is unavoidable.

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