Fox Pulls 'Dollhouse' From November Sweeps, Defeat Is Imminent

The five of you who frequent MTV Movies Blog and happen to watch "Dollhouse" may have noticed that there was no recap for last week's episode. That's because, well, there was no episode last week — and you better get used to that absence, because "Dollhouse" is about to leave the airwaves.

Before your panic attack begins in earnest, relax: "Dollhouse" isn't canceled — at least not yet — but it's looking more and more inevitable that Joss Whedon's struggling series will soon leave television for good, as seen by Fox's recent decision to pull "Dollhouse" from November sweeps.

Entertainment Weekly broke the news first that "Dollhouse" will be absent throughout November. Fox's plan, according to columnist Michael Ausiello, is to bring "Dollhouse" back in early December with back-to-back episodes on Friday nights — meaning twice the "Dollhouse" action for fans, and twice the Saturday morning write-ups for me!

I'm not privy to any sort of inside track regarding how things are going at the "Dollhouse" camp, but I don't need a fly on the wall or telepathic abilities to tell you that things are bleak for the Eliza Dushku-starring show. The series has slipped so far in the ratings that Fox's continued commitment to the show's current 13-episode order is nothing short of a miracle.

Of course, you could blame the failings of "Dollhouse" on its Friday night death slot, and you could also blame it on the racy nature of the "Dollhouse" premise being unfit for network television. But, like it or not, you also have to pin at least some blame on Joss Whedon and the rest of the show's creative team.

Despite the excellent string of episodes that concluded the first season, "Dollhouse" came out of the gate this year stumbling rather than sprinting. It'll take more than a few clever Topher-tailored mind-wipes to get this show back on the right track — and even if it does manage a creative turnaround, that's likely not enough to bring new viewers on board.

In other words, it's time to set the "Dollhouse" doomsday clock to five minutes to midnight. Defeat... is imminent.

What do you think of Fox's decision to pull "Dollhouse" out of November sweeps? Is there anything that can be done to save Whedon's show? Let us know your take in the comments section or on Twitter!