'Star Wars' Trilogy Rumor Hilarity Today Around The Blogosphere

Today's look Around the Blogosphere is an unusual one, since it's pegged to news. Sort of. The rumor of a third, all-3D "Star Wars" trilogy was clearly going to be debunked, and quickly. Let's start at the beginning...

--"3D Motion Pictures Blog" MarketSaw posted yesterday that the folks at Lucasfilm have gotten it into their heads to do another "Star Wars" trilogy. Entirely in 3D. With franchise architect George Lucas stepping back into a production role. In short, a "Star Wars" junkie's happiest dream. All from a "trusted source." It's hard to swallow though, especially given MarketSaw's rumormill track record. (MarketSaw)

--Shouts of "shenanigans!" followed quickly of course, with Ain't It Cool News leading the charge. A couple of e-mails to Lucasfilm's PR team confirmed that (1) no 3-D "Star Wars" projects are in the works and (2) no theatrical "Star Wars" movies are planned. AICN is quick to point out that Lucasfilm would likely be the last to confirm such a rumor, but they keep their red flag raised primarily because the rumor story mentions Francis Ford Coppola, who isn't too keen on franchises. (AICN)

--And so the snark ensued. Different sites picked up the rumor and subsequent de-confirmation with varying degrees of bemusement. Some, like awesome fansite TheForce.net and awesome news/rumors site CinemaBlend, played it straight. Others brought a bit more color to their response: IGN called them "crazy 'Star Wars' rumors," io9 jokingly confirmed the second coming of "Firefly" and Cinematical is busy looking for flying pigs. The winning response however, for me, goes to the always-hilarious jokers over at FilmDrunk, who comment on the original rumor story's headline and its abundance of question marks and exclamation points. Good show, guys. (all manner of sources, linked above)