'New Moon' Actor Jamie Campbell Bower Has A Cryptic Message For Today's Daily TwitPic

UPDATE: @MTVMoviesBlog Twitter follower letsdance24 explained the origin of Bower's sign: "the poster is related to the lyrics of his band's song "Venice", only they changed it to 'Rome'..." So there you have it. Thanks letsdance24!!

I need your expertise today, Twilighters. The morning's Daily TwitPic has me stumped. It originates from Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays Volturi vampire Caius in "New Moon." You can see him in full regalia in our flipbook gallery.

Now usually I can figure out these cryptic TwitPics. This one seems directly targeted at insiders however. There's not much to it, really. Bower holding up a colorful message scrawled on some oak tag. I'm guessing that it's going to make at least a small contingent of fans very happy. The message reads: "Jamie, we sold it all for the price of your kiss in... Rome." Huh? Anyone? Bueller? Explanations appreciated.