'Hitman 2,' 'Kane & Lynch' And 'Just Cause' Updates From Producer Adrian Askarieh

Whether you're a fan of the "Hitman" movie adaptation or not, there's no denying that producer Adrian Askarieh forged a lucrative film based on the assassin-filled video game — and thanks to that success, Askarieh's setting his sights well past Agent 47.

In addition to "Hitman 2," the producer has plans in the works for adaptations of "Just Cause" and "Kane & Lynch." Askarieh provided gaming website Game Daily with a status update on all three of these projects.

"I'm doing 'Just Cause' right now, which I'm doing independently," the producer revealed. "[We're] going to shoot spring of next year because it's being financed independently and we're going to move like the wind on that. 'Just Cause' is probably going to be shot in someplace like Europe or Puerto Rico, or a combination of the two."

As for who would play the lead role of Scorpion, Askarieh said, "Obviously, we can't get the Will Smiths and the Johnny Depps of the world. We don't have that much money for this movie, but we're going to get a really cool actor that's going to be the next level star for the Scorpion character."

In terms of "Kane & Lynch," the producer confirmed longstanding reports that Bruce Willis would star as Kane, while casting on Lynch is currently in progress. Simon Crane is directing the film.

"[It's] going to have the basic premise," Askarieh said of the movie's faithfulness to the game. "But the details for the movie are going to be different. It's not going to have every sequence from the game, but it's essentially the story of a mercenary teaming up with a schizophrenic psychopath to save his wife and daughter."

Regarding "Hitman 2," Askarieh said it's currently uncertain whether series lead Timothy Olyphant would return to the franchise.

"We and the studio are all waiting for the script to come in to make some very big decisions, but we'd love to have Tim if he wants to do the movie," he said. "We'd love to have him back if he wants to do it, but we haven't gotten to that point. We'll probably do 'Hitman' sometime in the middle of next year, but right now we're just waiting for the script to come in."

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