Angelina Jolie May Play A Murderer In Ridley Scott's 'Gucci'

It's been almost a week since Ridley Scott was in the trades. Did you miss seeing his name attached to another potential directorial gig? Well, this latest Scott news doesn't concern a new project. He has long talked about doing a movie about the Gucci family, which would presumably climax with the murder of former fashion mogul Maurizio Gucci, who was gunned down in 1995 by a hitman hired by his ex-wife Patrizia Reggiani. Now, according to Variety, Angelina Jolie has been offered the part of Reggiani.

Despite having more anticipated projects, like the "Alien" prequel (which we'd love to see Jolie star in), and more marketable ideas, like the "Monopoly" board game adaptation, on his plate, Scott is still actively developing "Gucci." The film is reportedly a priority for Fox 2000, which is in the process of hiring someone to rewrite the script. The story will span three decades, focusing not just on Maurizio Gucci's death but on his family's fashion empire in general.

Variety claims that Scott has been hoping for Leonardo DiCaprio to play Maurizio, but it's hard to see the actor in the role. Not only does he not look much like the man, but he also doesn't seem like a good match for Jolie. Remember how ill-fitting the actress looked with Matt Damon in "The Good Shepherd"? This is a similarly troubling match. Jolie is just such a dominant presence in movies that she's not easily compatible with many leading men. Then again, that could work favorably depending on what the Gucci's marriage was like.

Would you like for Ridley Scott's next movie to be this fashion industry-set family drama? Can you see Angelina Jolie playing a murderous ex-wife? Who should play the head of the Gucci clan?