Planets We're Hoping Are Among The 32 Discovered Yesterday

Yesterday, the discovery of 32 planets outside of Earth's solar system was announced by an international team of scientists. The existence of these planets — dubbed "exoplanets," short for "planets outside of our solar system" — should only further the line of thinking that we are not alone in this universe, even if our other neighbors are uninhabited planets in galaxies far, far away.

But what if they're not uninhabited? Indeed, what if these planets aren't even unfamiliar? The Movies Blog team happens to have a well-connected source close to the discovery of the exoplanets, and we can exclusively confirm that at least five of these brave new worlds have been featured in past, present and future works of fiction!

Okay, that's a lie. But let's put our "make believe" hats on for a moment and imagine that these five fictional planets were counted amongst the newly discovered exoplanets...

ARRAKIS: In the world of "Dune," the planet Arrakis is where one finds melange — or spice — a resource commonly used as a drug due to its consciousness-expanding, lifespan-increasing properties, among other similarly amazing uses. Can you imagine if the people of Earth discovered this incredibly valuable commodity? Suddenly, the competition for oil in the Middle East doesn't sound so scary when compared to an interstellar conflict for this all-powerful resource. Don't take my word for it though... Frank Herbert -- and now his son -- wrote many books on the subject!

CAPRICA: If scientists learned that Caprica — one of the main planets featured in "Battlestar Galactica" (and the title/location of its spin-off TV series) — truly existed, then hopefully it wouldn't be too late to prevent its utter destruction at the hands of the Cylons. Those frakkin' skinjobs did a real number on not just Caprica but all 12 human colonies, forcing the remainder of humanity to take refuge in a scattershot fleet of spaceships. If Earth couldn't pull off a full-scale rescue, then maybe we'd at least meet Admiral Adama. I love that guy.

CATFOODTERIA: The only thing more shocking than learning that the Prawn home world from Neill Blomkamp's "District 9" actually exists would be the reveal of its name. No, it's not really called Catfoodteria, but that would explain quite a bit about these aliens' eating habits. No matter what the true name of the Prawns' planet turns out to be, could it possibly be any scarier than the not-for-humans weaponry that these aliens have crafted?

PANDORA: Obviously, it's a little risky to hope that Pandora — the planet from the upcoming "Avatar" — is a legitimately real planet. After all, James Cameron's long-awaited science fiction epic hasn't even hit theaters yet. But if there's even the remotest possibility that I could go to a planet, undergo some bizarre scientific procedure and become a ten-foot tall blue alien, then I'm taking that chance regardless of the risks. Hey, I've got body image issues.

TATOOINE: There are so many planets from the "Star Wars" universe to choose from, but if I could only select one as a newly discovered exoplanet, it'd be Tatooine. Sure, Tatooine has a terrible desert climate and sure, there's crime a-plenty thanks to Jabba the Hutt, the Tusken Raiders and the shady Jawas. But there's also the Max Rebo Band and Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes, not to mention the Mos Eisley Cantina itself! I suppose the Mos Espa swoop races are cool too, even if the story that takes us there is junk. These, in my humble opinion, are must sees before I die.

Which fictional planets would you like scientists to discover? Let us know in the comments section!