EXCLUSIVE: Jackson Rathbone Flick 'Girlfriend' Plot Details Revealed

FROM HOLLYWOOD CRUSH: In previous interviews with the director and cast of “Girlfriend,” the creators of the film were hesitant about revealing too many plot points. What was known was the plot involved a romance between "New Moon" star Jackson Rathbone and Shannon Woodward as ex-high school sweethearts, but a love triangle was also mentioned with the third angle not disclosed.

Earlier this week, on a visit to the set of “Girlfriend,” director Justin Lerner and his crew decided to share exclusively with MTV the large portion of plot they have been hiding secret: the film’s main character, Evan Grey.

Evan Grey (played by Evan Sneider, pictured, also inspired the character) is a man in his twenties with down syndrome who wants to find love from a woman, and the film (appropriately titled) is about his journey to find a girlfriend. During the course of the tale, Evan comes into some sort of means — which we assume to be money — that he uses to help the girl he's loved since high school (Woodward), who is currently a single mom.

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