'Battle: Los Angeles' Actor Ne-Yo Is Ready To 'Step Outside Of Me'

Everything I've heard and read about "Battle: Los Angeles" makes me think of the summer hit, "District 9." It's set in a different place of course and the story puts human and alien in more direct, open conflict, but the angle of a small, personal tale -- as I understand it -- carries through both movies.

One of the more surprising bits of casting for "Battle: LA" is Ne-Yo, the popular R&B singer-songwriter who starred in "Stomp the Yard." He'll next appear in the George Lucas-conceived Tuskegee airmen biopic "Red Tails" and then in "Battle: LA" in 2011. It's a very calculated move on the singer's part, as Ne-Yo harbors dreams of being an actor. "Stomp the Yard" wasn't much of a stretch, as he describes in the video below, but he's hoping the coming roles will be key in helping him branch out.

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