'Paranormal Activity' Gets The Celebs Tweeting In This Twitter-Wood Special Report

I'm not trying to rain on Warmoth's parade in running this Twitter-Wood special report, but this feels newsworthy. Director Oren Peli's "Paranormal Activity" is something of a sensation. Three weeks into its limited release (yet slowly widening) run, the (roughly) $11,000 budgeted found footage horror/suspense flick has earned more than $30 million in box office sales. It's downright staggering.

The success owes its thanks largely to two factors. One: the movie is actually damn good, featuring some well-crafted smoke & mirror and believable performances from the newcomer stars. Two: Paramount has waged an incredibly successful grassroots promotional campaign, built largely on extending the film's word-of-mouth appeal through social networking tools. Micro-blogging service Twitter has of course been one aspect of this campaign, and even celebrities have been getting in on the fun. This Twitter-Wood special edition is all about rounding up those celeb tweets. So hit the jump and enjoy!

Full Disclosure: MTV and Paramount are both subsidiaries of Viacom

Tyrese Gibson

Actor/Singer ("Transformers," "Death Race")


@Tyrese4ReaL I was so scary I just walked home in the rain.. cause I didn't wanna be in any inclosed areas.. HOLY S--T!!

@Tyrese4ReaL Come meet me at the Archlight Theater I'm going to a 10:50 tonight to watch PAranormal Activity..Scary S--t in the Rain! Last Min TwitBash!

@Tyrese4ReaL HAd a nightmare................................................ Dammit

@Tyrese4ReaL Oh s--t.. I think someone is in my house.........

Jason Reitman

Writer/Director ("Juno," "Up in the Air")

@JasonReitman @yungT23 Paranormal Activity is the real deal. Trust me.

@JasonReitman RE @mrosenbaum711: - still freaking out after the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY screening. How dare you! - Foot rub? Tampon?

@JasonReitman Paranormal Activity + Nyquil = Nyghtmares... still recovering

@JasonReitman F--k Paranormal Activity was scary. Freaked out whole gang. Felt bad for the folks who went home alone. Keeping my MagLight near the bed.

David Spade

Actor/Comedian ("Rules of Engagement," "Tommy Boy")

@davidspade too scared to see paranormal activity. not normal when i poop pants

James Kyson Lee

Actor ("Heroes," "White On Rice")

@jameskysonlee Had rollercoaster mind orgy with Paranormal Activity last nite... medulla sacks still sore

Jim Lee

Comic book writer/artist ("X-Men," "Batman")

@jimlee00 Let's do this!RT @tamarlovesu can't stop starin at the Paranormal Activity ticker.776,037 demands&counting-mesmerizing! http://bit.ly/2KPSf1

@jimlee00 Those late 2RT party:RT this to win a sketch!Help get 1Mill demands for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY so it can open wide http://tinyurl.com/l2m9ru

@jimlee00 Thanx for helpin-> @tamarlovesu RT "help get 1 Million demands for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY so it can open nationwide http://tinyurl.com/l2m9ru"

@jimlee00 RT @tamarlovesu Please RT and help me get 1 Million demands for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY so it can open nationwide!! http://tinyurl.com/l2m9ru

Jon Favreau

Writer/director/actor ("Iron Man," "Couples Retreat," "Swingers")

@Jon_Favreau Retweet @tamarlovesu: We have crossed the 400k mark! Let's keep it going and hit 1 MILLION DEMANDS for PARANORMAL! http://bit.ly/ncKSg

Kat Dennings

Actor ("The House Bunny," "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist")

@OfficialKat Horrendous nightmare after watching the Paranormal Activity trailer...I think I'll go put my face in a bunny rabbit for the rest of my life

Jordin Sparks

Singer ("American Idol")

TheRealJordin Just saw Paranormal Activity..it was really good but IT WAS SO SCARY! Omg. I don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight. Omg. Omg.

Spencer Pratt

Reality TV star ("The Hills")

@spencerpratt RT @ParamountPics: Paranormal Activity coming to 20 more cities! Is it coming to yours?! http://bit.ly/j7L5q I heard this is SCARY! DEMONS!