Moviegoers Discover 'Where The Wild Things Are' In The Saturday Box Office Report

1. "Where The Wild Things Are" ($12 million)

2. "Law Abiding Citizen" ($7.7 million)

3. "Paranormal Activity" ($6.6 million)

4. "Couples Retreat" ($5.8 million)

5. "The Stepfather" ($4.3 million)

I know where the wild things are, and apparently so do many of you as the Spike Jonze-directed "Where The Wild Things Are" captured the box office crown on its opening day yesterday. The monster-filled epic, which features the voices of James Gandolfini and Forest Whitaker, earned $12 million on Friday much to the surprise of box office analysts. Deadline Hollywood Daily reports that the film was expected to make only $30 million at best this weekend, but the excellent Friday night performance could lead the picture straight past $38 million.

Not even the combined star-power of Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler could overcome "Where The Wild Things Are" as "Law Abiding Citizen" made its way to second place on Friday. Still, the film earned a respectable $7.7 million on its first day in theaters — but, unfortunately, the F. Gary Gray-directed thriller opened to lukewarm reviews, meaning that "Law Abiding Citizen" might have to break a rule or two to earn much past its projected $20 million weekend.

The most notable performers at last weekend's box office, "Paranormal Activity" and "Couples Retreat," once again stayed in the top five. "Paranormal" advanced to third place thanks to Paramount's wider release of the film into almost 800 theaters this weekend, managing a $6.6 million Friday as a result. If "Paranormal" continues to grow into more theaters, there's no telling how much success the film could achieve.

"Couples Retreat," meanwhile, wasn't as lucky as the specter-filled spookfest. It appears that the bad reviews finally caught up to the Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau-starring laugher as the movie wound up in fourth place with a $5.8 million Friday.

Rounding out the top five on Friday was "The Stepfather," a remake of the '80s-era horror franchise that starred Terry O'Quinn of "Lost." The update, which stars Dylan Walsh as the titular bad dad, earned $4.3 million on Friday with a possible $11 million weekend.

Did you find out "Where The Wild Things Are" this weekend, or are you more of the "Law Abiding Citizen" type? Tell us your moviegoing plans and experiences in the comments section below or on Twitter!