Blood Spills In This EXCLUSIVE 'My Super Psycho Sweet 16' Clip

Halloween is almost here folks. Two weeks from tomorrow, we'll see the dead rise, vampires roam free and scores of people dressed as sexy [insert mundane occupation here]. To get in the mood, tune in on October 23 at 10pm to catch the premiere of the MTV original movie "My Super Psycho Sweet 16." You can take a taste of the scary in the clip below. The poor, unsuspecting girl in the toilet is waiting to unleash a Halloween "trick" on one of her friends.

The movie centers on high schooler Madison Penrose (Juliana Grill), the birthday bash-er referenced in the title. On the night of her party, outcast Skye Rotter (Lauren McKnight) shows up to spoil everyone's night. And seeing as how Rotter's dad is a serial killer, she's got a pretty good shot at accomplishing just that.

For additional glimpses of "My Super Psycho Sweet 16," click the image below to zap yourself over to our flipbook image gallery.