'Law Abiding Citizen' Director F. Gary Gray On The Held Up Marvin Gaye Biopic

Last summer, Variety reported that F. Gary Gray, whose "Law Abiding Citizen" hits theaters today, would direct a biopic covering soul singer Marvin Gaye. The life of the "What's Going On" songwriter was cut tragically short on April 1, 1984, when his father gunned him down.

Unfortunately, things have been pretty quiet since that initial announcement. So when Gray stopped by the MTV News offices recently, we couldn't help but ask what's going on with this biopic. The director blamed the hold-up on rights issues, calling "Marvin" a "passion project." He then addresses the camera directly with an appeal to rights-holder Berry Gordy: "Berry," he said, "if you want

the absolute very best Marvin Gaye movie put on the screen then call me."