'The Vampire Diaries' Star Ian Somerhalder Is Cursed In 'Cradlewood'

I'm fine watching Ian Somerhalder on the small screen, though I've missed him on "Lost" the past couple years and I'm pretty tired of vampire shows (such as his series "The Vampire Diaries"). But I just re-watched the terribly underrated "The Rules of Attraction" the other night and I really think he belongs on the big screen more often. Fortunately, The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Somerhalder has been cast in a new film titled "Cradlewood."

Described as a romantic gothic fairy tale, "Cradlewood" follows a man (Somerhalder) threatened by a family curse. Thanks to an old deal with a demon, every male in his family dies as soon as he begets a son. In the movie, which was conceived and will be directed by visual effects artist Harry Weinmann ("Race to Witch Mountain"), Somerhalder's character suspects that his wife is pregnant and he resolves to do what he can to stay alive.

From the bare details given, one might assume "Cradlewood" could turn into a controversial film, depending on what the man decides to do to survive. I highly doubt it's going to go there however. Producer Michel Shane says it's more like an American "Pan's Labryinth" for the kids maturing away from "Twilight."

Despite taking place in Boston, "Cradlewood" will be shooting in Australia to take advantage of tax incentives. Apparently Melbourne will be able to stand in for Beantown? I guess that might work. Australian actress Emma Lung, who can currently be seen in "The Boys Are Back," plays Somerhalder's potentially knocked up girlfriend.

Would you like to see Ian Somerhalder in more movies? Are you someone who's ready to mature away from "Twilight" for a more adult gothic romance like "Cradlewood?

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