Kurt Loder Reviews 'Black Dynamite'

FROM MTV.COM: Can Black Dynamite fend off the Man and the Mob and the phalanx of wah-wah guitars arrayed against him and fight his way to the Honky House to mete out kung-fu justice? Most likely!

The new movie "Black Dynamite" is more than just a fond, knowing tribute to '70s blaxploitation films (with echoes of "Enter the Dragon," too). It's a wild action-comedy with a magnetically deadpan star (Michael Jai White, last seen as a snarling hoodlum in "The Dark Knight") and a scholarly attention to genre detail. Not just the usual pimped-out purple fedoras, processed hair and tinted aviator shades, but also the lovable technical defects — the rancid color, the restroom lighting, the shifting commitment to focus. The movie is a celebration of cinematic insufficiency.

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