Ryan Reynolds Targeted for Cross-Dressing Comedy

Some of the best comedies are about guys dressing up as girls. But for every "Some Like It Hot" and "Tootsie" there are a lot of dumb, unfunny drag movies like "Sorority Boys" and "Juwanna Mann." It's therefore easy to assume that any new cross-dressing comedy is going to not only be unfunny but potentially also offensively backwards in terms of gender jokes.

So what hope can I have for a "dude-in-drag romantic comedy" pitch that, according to Variety, just sold to Working Title for around $1 million after a heated bidding war? Despite the apparent popularity of the premise, my expectations are actually quite low. Even if the production company does manage to cast rising star Ryan Reynolds in the temporary transvestite role as planned.

Here's the impossible "Mrs. Doubtfire"-like plot: a man who has just been dumped by his girlfriend disguises himself as a woman and befriends his ex. And somehow (I assume) ends up winning her back. Because there's nothing more romantic than deceiving the person you love? Also, can you really trust that someone is right for you if she can't even recognize you when you're simply wearing makeup and fake boobs?

Honestly, I can actually give the idea the benefit of the doubt. Given all the interest in and money spent on the pitch -- which will now be written out by Allan Loeb ("21") -- there might be something smart or original there, like the way "Tootsie" could have just been a drag farce if not for its ironic commentary on feminism.

Maybe this will have more to say about the idea of attempting to stay friends with your ex post-breakup than about the "hilarious" difference between how men and women pee (we've had enough of the obligatory bathroom scenes in these drag comedies, haven't we?) and the concept of a very manly guy like Reynolds putting on stockings.

Would you like to see the future Green Lantern in drag? What was the last good cross-dressing comedy, in your opinion?