Balloon Boy Spewage Gets Us Thinking About Classic Hollywood Barf Scenes

Concerned civilians the world over watched in horror yesterday as a runaway helium balloon with six year-old Falcon Heene allegedly trapped inside sailed over the Colorado countryside, only to arrive on the ground safely without child. Falcon, now widely known as Balloon Boy, was napping in the attic the entire time.

Naturally, the Heene family is making the press rounds following the kinda-sorta disaster, and there's already compelling evidence that the whole incident could be a hoax. What's not a hoax, of course, is poor Falcon's on-air vomiting during a recording of the Today Show. Ill timing, really. While I could sit here and think of a variety of different lists — best balloon chases caught on film, the greatest cinema hoaxes of all time — I just can't get my head around the Today Show throw-up. The result of that mental block is this list of the five greatest vomit scenes in movie history. Enjoy the read — just make sure you have a bucket with you!


If you're a fan of pea soup, clearly you haven't seen "The Exorcist." Much like our dear Balloon Boy, young Regan spews some green goo after being dealt a tough question from the interrogating Father Karras — but whereas Falcon Heene had the decency to call for some tupperware, Regan tosses directly into Karras's face. That's just how demons roll, folks.


Although you don't see the portly Chunk's chunks on camera, his combination of dry heaving and expert storytelling is enough to get "The Goonies" on this list. Apprehended by the Fratelli family, Chunk goes into a tirade of all the misdeeds he's done throughout his life, including making an entire movie theater throw up in one fell swoop. Maybe not the best vomit scene of all time, but it's certainly the greatest monologue about vomiting of all time.


Even the words "Better get a bucket, I'm gonna throw up" from an impossibly oversized man at a restaurant aren't enough to warn the viewer of what's to come. "Monty Python's Meaning of Life" has perhaps the single most explosive vomiting scene ever caught on film, and also one of the grossest — but the hilarity that ensues is a testament to why we saluted the Monty Python gang all those weeks ago.


If you ever needed a reason to refuse entry into a pie-eating contest, just point to the epic vomiting scene in "Stand By Me." The Legend of Lardass prompts one of the most "complete and total barf-aramas" in cinema history, as an entire event-full of people begin throwing up as a domino effect of one boy's own upchuck. It's hard to reconcile the simultaneous feelings of nausea and hilarity while watching this scene, but if you can manage the emotions, you're in for a treat — just don't eat any pie while watching, of course.


We've already covered the vomiting styles of an impossibly large man and a little demonic girl, so why not move into the realm of puppetry? "Team America: World Police," created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone of "South Park," captures the essence of why drinking and puppets simply don't mix. The heroic Gary has a not-so-heroic drunken vomiting session towards the end of the movie that goes down in film history not just because he's a puppet, but because the vomiting lasts for a consecutive minute. That's pretty gross.

What are some of the other great vomiting scenes in movie history? Throw up your favorites in the comments section or on Twitter!