Don Rickles And Bob Saget Join John Stamos After 'Bye Bye Birdie' Meltdown

Fun times. Earlier this week, the Broadway production of "Bye Bye Birdie" staged its final preview performance. At some point during the show, an electrical malfunction occurred, preventing the sets from changing between scenes. So star John Stamos, a regular contributor to our Twitter-Wood feed, came out onto the stage to stall for time, appealing to his celeb pals in the viewing audience, EW reports.

One of them, legendary comedian and "Toy Story" star (he's Mr. Potato Head) Don Rickles, called for Stamos to get a haircut. The former "Full House" star was then joined on stage by his old pal, filthy comedian Bob Saget, who noted that he was relieved Stamos' forehead was miked, not his crotch. The show resumed after 20 minutes, but not before "Birdie" stars Gina Gershon and Bill Irwin joined the duo for additional onstage antics.

Hit the jump for an awesome picture of Don Rickles being awesome.