'Fringe' Episode 2.05: 'Dream Logic'

Episode Title: "Dream Logic"

Written by: Josh Singer

The Story: The team is sent out to Seattle to investigate mysterious murders inflicted by people in a waking-dream state. Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble) returns to his lab in Boston to experiment on one of the killers' corpses, making a startling discovery that Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) and Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) have to follow up on. Meanwhile, Olivia deals with the ramifications of an old friend's death.

A Literal Snooze Fest: This latest episode was all about dreams, which was pretty ironic considering it nearly put me to sleep. Not that this was a particularly bad episode, just a bland one. I'm most intrigued by "Fringe" when the overarching plot is at play, like last week's tremendously awesome episode. This week, I guess I was fine with it — thanks largely due to the cool effects seen in the accidental killers' waking-dreams — but I'm not satisfied with "fine," certainly not when it comes to "Fringe."

You're Gonna Be Fine: I did enjoy Olivia's subplot dealing with the death of Charlie Francis (Kirk Acevedo), though I thought it was a tad forced. Clearly, Olivia needed to deal with the ramifications of killing her own partner — well, the doppleganger of her partner, but who's counting. Despite this, the premise of the episode didn't really hone in on the theme of Olivia having to push on and put her troubles behind her. Some sort of mystery-of-the-week that paralleled Olivia's recent trauma would've been more appreciated, I think.

Bowling Expert: I'm a fan of Acevedo's so I'll miss his involvement in the show, but you know who I'm starting to dig? Sam Weiss (Kevin Corrigan), the bowling alley operator that seems to know the solution to everything. I've enjoyed Corrigan's acting career for a while now, specifically in "The Departed" and "Superbad," and this role is no different. I'm looking forward to finding out more about him — why he knows so much, what his connections are to Massive Dynamic — as the series progresses.

The Bishop's Nightmare: While I didn't love the dream theme this week, I did like how it played into the Bishop family dynamic. Peter used to have recurring nightmares that Walter helped him to get over, but Walter is still terribly nervous whenever Peter dreams. We know why, of course — Walter kidnapped the Peter we know and love from an alternate reality in order to replace his deceased counterpart in our world — but Peter doesn't know any of that... not yet, at least. That inevitable discovery is going to be intense to watch.

Walter's Weekly Wisdom: "You can't put the body in feet first! Lunatics!" – Dr. Walter Bishop

Conclusions: Like I said, this week was a bit of a dud for me. It wasn't bad enough to make me concerned for the future of "Fringe" or anything, but it certainly didn't keep me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next crazy twist like last week. I'm still loving this season, but tonight's episode was one of the weaker outings.

Next Week: Nothing! No new episodes of "Fringe" until November. While that's a bummer, don't be too upset — when the show returns, we'll get a heaping dose of Agent Phillip Broyles (Lance Reddick) plus a half-severed head. Should be worth the wait.

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