Jamie Foxx Eager to Bring The Funny With 'Hangover' Team

Wasn’t “The Soloist” hilarious? Remember all those crazy scenes of Robert Downey Jr. spilling urine on himself, and Jamie Foxx acting like he might be insane? Ah, good times, good times.

Oh wait, “Soloist” was a drama? Well, now that you mention it, maybe I shouldn’t have been laughing so much. Either way, the good news is that Foxx and Downey Jr. are reuniting for a real comedy from the director of “The Hangover.” And this time, I’m pretty sure it’ll be okay to laugh.

“Yeah, it’s called ‘Due Date,’” Jamie Foxx said of the film, issuing some high praise for director Todd Phillips, who also made “Old School” a frat-house classic. “He is the funniest guy in the world.”

The flick will reunite Phillips with his “Hangover” leading man Zach Galifianakis to tell the story of a father-to-be (Downey Jr.) who is forced to hitch a ride with a slacker (Galifianakis, who else?) in order to make it to his child’s birth on time. Of course, chaos ensues – which is only helped when Foxx’s character appears on the scene, a former lover who still harbors feelings for his buddy’s wife (Michelle Monaghan).

“Robert Downey Jr. is this guy [and] his wife is about to have a kid,” Foxx said of the film, which begins shooting soon. “I knew his wife back in the day, and we had a little thing, but he doesn’t know about it - and I don’t know whether to tell him about it.”

Hoping to re-create the magical formula of this summer’s surprise hit, “Due Date” will boast a group of funny dudes, a plot demanding that they get to a certain life-changing event at a certain time, and lots of driving.

“It’s just this funny road trip,” explained Foxx, who can currently be seen starring in “Law Abiding Citizen” opposite Gerard Butler. “Todd Phillips, Zach over there, who is absolutely, absolutely incredible. To be on the set with these guys, I mean it’s so funny; it’s amazing. I am looking forward to that coming up.”

Now that we’ve had a few months to let the hype settle down, is “The Hangover” as awesome as we all made it out to be?

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