Clive Owen And Catherine Keener Gain David Schwimmer's 'Trust'

I was never a big fan of "Friends," and my least favorite episode of "30 Rock" is probably the one guest-starring David Schwimmer as Greenzo, a spandex-and-cape-wearing environmental spokesperson. So I'm all for the actor continuing his career behind the camera with a new directorial effort titled "Trust," as reported by Variety.

Schwimmer also wrote the story -- scripted by Andy Bellin -- about a family dealing with the aftermath of an incident with an online sexual predator. Cast as Dad, Mom and the 14-year-old victim are Clive Owen, "Where the Wild Things Are" star Catherine Keener and newcomer Liana Liberato, respectively.

The casting of Owen is especially exciting, as the actor has mostly been doing high-profile genre pics like thrillers, capers and silly action movies lately. Although some of those have been very entertaining, it'll be refreshing to see the Oscar nominee take on this more serious character. Plus, have we ever seen Owen as a father before?

I'm also quite curious about this dark dramatic change for Schwimmer, whose previous directing experience is limited to episodes of "Friends" and the U.S. version of "Little Britain," as well as the slightly British comedy "Run Fatboy Run."

The latter, which primarily suffered from an identity crisis due to the fact that it featured a script from Simon Pegg rewritten off of an original screenplay by Michael Ian Black (with a setting relocated from New York to London), was a pretty by-the-book movie in terms of directorial choices. So I don't trust that "Trust" will be a great film. As with "Fatboy," the cast should be key in turning it into at least a good one.

If the downer of a film needs a splash of comic relief here and there to keep audiences from being too depressed or serious, I'd love to see Schwimmer cast "Fatboy" scene-stealer Dylan Moran in a role. Actually, he could probably do well with a dramatic part. He can definitely play creepy, so maybe he should be the predator?

Are you glad Clive Owen is putting the guns and GQ outfits away to play house with Catherine Keener? Do you think David Schwimmer has what it takes to direct Owen to his next Oscar?