'Saw VI' May Not Be Out Until Next Week, But 'Saw VII' And 'Saw VIII' Are Underway... In 3-D

"Saw VI" isn't out until next week, but that doesn't mean fans can't start looking ahead, towards the future of the franchise. For all of the mixed critical response each successive "Saw" release tends to foster, it's the box office that tells the real story. People come out to see these movies, and in large numbers. We're five movies in -- soon to be six -- and each one has grossed more than $50 million apiece. Considering that the combined budgets of the first five movies don't amount to $50 million, that's not too shabby.

It's no surprise then that plans for additional entries in the series are already in motion. I imagine that the folks at Twisted Pictures are kicking themselves for not delivering a 3-D version of "Saw VI," but it's a mistake they'll be correcting in the years to come. IGN recently had the opportunity to chat with some of the key franchise players -- producer Mark Burg and writers Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton -- and they were more than happy to talk a bit about next steps for the series.

"'Saw,' just by the way it's shot, lends itself to being a 3-D movie," Burg said. The team apparently converted a brief snippet of the first movie to 3-D to test out the format, and they were pleased with what they saw. So much so that a conversion isn't even on the table for the next movie.

"We're not going to transfer "[Saw] VII," but we'll actually shoot it in 3-D," Burg continued. "We want to be able to build the sets in a way that takes advantage of depth. We're going to design traps to come out at you." He cites the pendulum trap that opens "Saw V" as an example of something that would have been enhanced by a 3-D presentation.

Melton added that the intent with the 3-D shift isn't to enlarge the scope of the films, but to diminish them. "When we go to 3-D on the Saw films, it's like an anti-3-D movie," he explained. "We're now in a box, and it's going to make the house of horrors come to life even more. Now we have a lead character and you're going to be inside this place with him and when things come out at him, they'll also come out at you."

The group also revealed that "Saw VII" isn't the end, not the way they see it. As Berg said, "We have the story threaded through 'Saw VIII.' Where it goes beyond that, I couldn't tell you."

How much "Saw" is too much "Saw"? Will you be seeing "Saw VI" next weekend?