Hey Kids - It's Time to Play Poovie With Justin Long!

I’ve been saying it for years, but perhaps it should be repeated one more time: The funniest person in Hollywood might just be Justin Long.

For exhibit A, check out the attached clip of a chat I had with Long about “Drag Me to Hell,” the awesome Sam Raimi thriller that hits DVD this week. During our conversation, he brought up a rude, crude, new game that might soon sweep the nation.

“I’ve been playing this movie game, it’s called Poovie,” the Mac pitchman and movie star said with a grin. “I’ll introduce it to you.”

“You come up with movie titles - you don’t change the movie titles - just straight-up movie titles that sound like they have to do with number two,” Long explained, giving us examples of some of his favorite films that also sound like someone possibly describing a bowel movement.

“’Operation Dumbo Drop’,” he said, smiling. “’There Will Be Blood’. ‘The Firm.’ ‘Five Easy Pieces.’ ‘The Remains of the Day.’”

Watch out, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, because there just might be a new movie game in town, and it’s called Poovie. “It’s great,” insisted Long. “It’s a gift I give to you, and you can play with your friends.”

Unfortunately, the Poovie expert judged my off-the-cuff contribution (“Alien vs. Predator”) as being “a little abstract.” Instead, he explained, the best way to play the game is to not get too obsessed with metaphors. “You want to use simple ones,” he explained. “Like ‘Black Snake Moan’ or ‘Splash’.”

While “Drag Me To Hell” doesn’t make for much of a Poovie title, it is one of the best scary movies of the year, and it arrives on DVD just in time to get you in the mood for Halloween. Let’s just hope that, from here on out, Long chooses all his work based on whether or not the script would make for a good Poovie title.

Let’s play Poovie! Type in your favorite poop-describing movie title below! I’ll start us out: “Twister.”

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