Fred Durst Has A Doppleganger In Today's Daily TwitPic

I've never been a big fan of Limp Bizkit, but frontman Fred Durst gets big ups for making the Jesse Eisenberg-starring "The Education of Charlie Banks" his directorial debut. Sure, he followed it up with "The Longshots," which wasn't nearly as good. But Durst's first foray into filmmaking is worthy of respect, and at least has my interest piqued about whatever might be next.

None of that has any bearing on your Daily TwitPic of course, but it might offer some of you new insight into the man who brought "Nookie" to the world. In fact, Durst isn't even in the pic after the jump, not the real one. No, what you'll see below is an imposter. A scrawny, eyeless imposter with hair sticking out at all angles along the sides of his Durst-face. Creepy defined.